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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some of my SnB FO's...

This is one of my three dogs. Fortunately for me he doesn't mind be dressed in most anything I put him in. Meaning he gets mad but doesn't fight back too much. This sweater was adapted from Casey's Sweater in SnB Nation. I hate to alter it to fit my beefy little pekinese.

These are my SnB Happy Hooker Fluffy Bunny Slippers. This is one of four pairs I made for my family, all Easter presents, I know I'm so original. They were my first crochet project, not just the first finished one but the first ever! I was really proud of these. My mom helped me pick out the buttons for the eyes, they really look like blue eyes I loved that.

This is the last one for now until I take more pics. This is my SnB Nation Saucy Tote I made for my mom last year. It was really quick and easy. I love the size, perfect for just about everything and it's still light and comfy to wear.


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