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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Moving Ruins Everything

I just moved to a "portapotty" house. We're renting until we find land to build on. I've never moved before in all my 23 years and it sux. Everything is going to hell over here. I just started to unpack all my knitting books but it's taking awhile and don't get me started on where my yarn is. I just got some new yarn for a crochet project from SnB Happy Hooker, forgot the name right now, using Louet Sales Euroflax Original, I think that's the whole name. Anyway, I couldn't wait to get started the first night we moved in so I decided to neglect my swift and using my ball winder and my hands instead. Bad mistake. Over a week later I'm still untangling. If I had my camera (lost somewhere in a box) then I could show a pic of how bad it got. How a beautiful piece of string-like yarn gets so tangled I'll never know. I'm still working on fixing my blog to how I want it so please bear with me. Thanks! I promise it'll look much better really soon.


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