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Monday, November 05, 2007

What time is it?

What has happened to the time? It's been forever since I started this and last posted. I gotta catch up. Well...I finished my MSW and am now an official Licensed Social Worker in NJ! Yea!!!! Still looking for a job...or should I say I am now about to start officially looking for a job. Trying to soak up the free time right now, but I really need to get off my arse! I am also now an official married woman, Mrs. Porreca! A big change from Miss Rose, but I'm loving it! (McDonald's is in my head right now) I have so many projects to post and so much to talk about. I'm back on track now and will hopefully post regularly. I've been knitting a lot in my free time so plenty of WIPs and FOs will be shown soon, I'm so proud I need to brag. Gotta finish sewing up my new fav sweater made from the most luscious yarn ever! Details to come...


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